Website Designs

As a storyteller and visual world-builder, I partner with clients to articulate the unique personality of the individual, product or organization. It's a collaborative process that translates your vision into compelling content that builds relationship with your users.

Dancing Wellness

Dancer and therapeutic movement teacher Susanne Liebich works with a range of populations to bring healing joy to people’s lives. Her decade-old website groaned under the weight of too much text, too few images and patchwork navigation. We wanted to invite site guests into the colorful, playful world of her classes, clearly communicating the benefit: “feel better.” Class photography is by Vito Aluia. Built on Squarespace.

A seasonal, seaside house of worship in Manchester, MA, Emmanuel Church’s original website was created ten years ago and no longer served the community, aesthetically or functionally. Aging photos kept the church’s light under a bushel, while key site content–service times and sermons–were buried. The work of photographer Vito Aluia helped me create a site that captures the visual beauty of the church. Airy page layouts and a blue/green palette evoke summer breezes; sermons and service times are accessible in a click. Built on Squarespace.

BroadBand Female A Cappella

This performance ensemble of 15 women vocalists wanted a website conveying their sense of humor and joy. The bulldog image "Jimmy Choo Singing" by Instagram sensation Rafael Mantesso strikes the perfect note, anchoring a playful canine concept. Cartoon avatars in place of headshots add color and flexibility. Built and hosted on Weebly.

Marbrook Collaborative Solutions

In launching their new mediation practice, partners Pat and Roberta wanted to establish a professional tone that also conveyed their personal warmth and style. A dragonfly logo and swirling banner home page image represent the agile, transformative nature of their work. Line drawings add levity while explaining serious services.  Built and hosted on Squarespace.

Richard Dana, Business Psychologist

A seasoned corporate consultant, Richard was transitioning away from his group practice to a single practitioner model. His new site needed to capture the benefits of working with a business psychologist, communicating the robust portfolio of tools, skills and experience he provides. An interactive taxonomy and bold, clean design were among his priorities. Built and hosted on WordPress.

Helix Learning Partners, Education Research & Consulting

Helix Learning Partners’ years-old website was heavy on text and research jargon. It didn’t portray the founder’s commitment to helping educators achieve a spiral of continuous improvement in school programs. We created a new site with contemporary graphics, streamlined messaging, and more professional content to highlight Helix’ successful client partnerships. Built and hosted on Weebly.