Working with Holly was a delight from start to finish. She kept me on task, asked great questions, held my hand when I needed it, and delivered a beautiful website on time and on budget. I could not be happier with the result. Holly has a great eye for design and a way with words, and she combines them to great effect. I would recommend her to anyone.
Working with Holly on our website has been a joy. Perceptive, patient, talented, and funny, she has helped us build our site from the ground up, offering expert advice and insightful suggestions every step of the way. After attentively listening to my partner and I riff on everything from our professional philosophy to color and font preferences, Holly produced a website with an overall look and feel that captures the essence of our business and ourselves. She applied her creative genius and experience to take our ideas to the next level. We didn’t make it easy for her, yet she stuck with us and I couldn’t be happier. Or more appreciative. It is with pleasure that I recommend Holly for web design. 
Holly overhauled our school website, guiding us through everything from strategy, to a new sitemap, to completely revised content. She’s a rare combination: She has a great eye for design, and she effortlessly writes text that is persuasive and compelling. Her marketing insights helped us better position our school to attract the right students in Boston’s competitive private school landscape. Holly’s a natural collaborator, and delivered a mammoth project on a tight timetable. She greeted obstacles with equanimity and brought both high creativity and efficiency to our work together.
Holly gave us a soup-to-nuts redesign of our website, with all-new graphics and a reconfigured structure that makes better sense for our users. She was responsive, easy to work with and had original, creative ideas about how to capture what makes our group special, from a playful, entertaining tone, (woof, woof!) and avatar profiles, to adding content we’d been missing, such as audio and video files and a private calendar that manages our schedule. We ALL love our new website!

Services & Deliverables

Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly platforms

BASIC: Taxonomy, upload, edit, proof, DNS setup, tech support
    -Client provides content & graphics
    -Includes two revisions
-Up to five pages

MID-SIZE:  "BASIC" plus image curation and content development
    -Includes two revisions
    -Up to six pages  

    -Includes strategy, taxonomy, style guide, logo & graphic design, upload, edit, proof
    -Two revisions
    -Up to seven pages.

Or contact me to discuss services & deliverables that meet your particular needs, from e-commerce to blogging.


PARTY ANIMAL logo design & collateral materials


GRAPHIC DESIGN:  Logo design, style guides, image curating & editing, photo corrections and more

TEXT:  Copywriting & text editing

CONSULTING:  Marketing, strategy, troubleshooting

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