Logo Design

Helping you to envision your essence graphically is a challenge—strategically, tonally, even emotionally. But it’s also extremely satisfying when we strike gold. Here are a few favorites:



Harmony at a higher bandwidth

The lips motif had been around for awhile, but the graphic was dated. So BroadBand's logo got botox: fuller, expressive mouth, a bold, brassy font, poppy-er palette, and the addition of a musical note to tie it all together.


Fly like a dragonfly

MCS’ partners knew they wanted a dragonfly for their logo because it represents agility and adaptability--critical attributes of successful mediations. We kissed a lot of frogs (pond humor!) before settling on this treatment. The seraph font adds traditional elegance and conveys a light touch.  


Moving on up

This LLC partners with education-sector clients to develop continuous improvement in programs and practice. Our logo strategy sought to communicate positive evolution, collaboration and fresh perspective, using a bright palette and contemporary fonts.


Party animals

"Spirit & Company" event designs give families or corporate clients a personal, playful way to mark milestone celebrations. These customized pairings of pen and ink illustrations with pops of color look great on invitations, cocktail napkins, t-shirts, and all your party swag.



The sky’s the limit

Independent school Concord Adademy wanted a fundraising event logo to celebrate their boundless commitment to love of learning. The image incorporates multiple elements—the event’s tagline and décor theme of clouds and sky, the school’s corporate branding colors—to communicate academic rigor and creative ingenuity. 


Dancing through life

For my own logo, I wanted to capture my joy in living life as a creative being. I'm a writer, dancer, singer, designer AND a big fan of trees. My daughter Lucy, a talented digital illustrator, drew this beautiful graphic of a dancing woman leafing into life.