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It began as a gauntlet thrown to my inner fraidy-cat creative writer: publish an essay a day for a month. What on earth would I find to say? A lot about dancing, friends, family, dogs, and gratitude, it turns out. Along with occasional venting about life these days.

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Anxiety in Teens

A great resource for parents and kids struggling with anxiety and other mental illness challenges. I'm a site contributer. We all need a little understanding.

Design Resources

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Fun with fonts

Love this! D-I-Y inspiration on google font pairings, beautifully displayed. Typography meets classic artworks, from designer Lou Levit.

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It's colorful

One of the biggest design hurdles for clients is choosing a palette for their site or brand. Color theory is deeply subjective AND more than a bit scientific. A well-chosen palette resonates in your nervous system and your heart.'s review of color covers all the bases.

Getting Wordy

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Why pay for an editor?

I could give you a dozen reasons. Tone. Brevity. Precision. Impact. But also: typos. Poet Taylor Mali says it way better than I can in his poem "The the Impotence of Proofreading." You will laugh out loud. Be forewarned: adult content.

Body-Mind-Spirit Well-being

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Nia classes

People ask me all the time, "What is Nia?" It's a body/mind/spirit fitness technique. It's dance, martial arts, and healing arts rolled into an hour-long fusion of fun. It's hot n' sweaty or slow and delicious: you choose your own level, every class. Check out my Metrowest Boston class schedule and drop in to discover the joy of movement.


Just 10 minutes a day

If a neuroscientist told you it's possible to protect against cognitive decline with just 10 minutes a day of super simple exercise, would you be interested? This playful technique is easy and fun--perfect for all ages, from squirmy school kids who need to refocus, to aging moms & dads looking to keep their brains as pliable as possible. Contact me to learn more.


Thanks for visiting my site. I know your time is valuable and appreciate that you spent some of it with me. Here's a parting gift for you, info on the importance of cultivating a rich gratitude practice, from It’s scientifically proven! Namaste.